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5 tips for taking a tolerence break

What is a Tolerance Break?

You may have heard this term tossed around by seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, often referred to as a “T- Break”. Simply put, a tolerance break is abstaining from consuming cannabis for a set duration of time to allow your endocannabinoid system to “reset”. Doing so also is believed to reset your tolerance for the plant. At mihi our goal is to help our customers to live their live fully, using respectful and responsible cannabis use as a conduit. A healthy relationship with cannabis could mean taking a step away every once and a while as needed. A tolerance break means something different to everyone. Some people may choose to abstain throughout the day and consume only at night, some people may choose to take a few days, a week or even a month off.

If you are considering trying your first tolerance break, we’ve got 5 tips below:

  1. Plan out your start and end dates in advance, circle them on the calendar and track your progress as you go to help keep yourself motivated.

  2. Consider giving yourself a reward once you get to your end date. You can even add up what you would have typically spent on cannabis throughout the duration of your tolerance break and treat yourself to something nice, like a water pipe, dab rig or vaporizer. 

  3. You might want to leave your cannabis with a friend (a highly trusted one that that won’t finish it all of course). If your cannabis is out of the house, you’ll be less temped to enjoy your flower.

  4. Some people choose to maintain their CBD routine throughout the tolerance break so they can enjoy any perceived physiologicaloutcomes (without the psychoactive ones).

  5. Ease back in – After a few days your tolerance for cannabis will become lower. We’d advise starting with a strain lower in THC and consuming slowly.

Whether your T break last a few days, weeks, month or not at all is completely up to you, it’s important to remember that every human body has a unique cannabinoid system and your cannabis journey should be equally individualized too.

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