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International Women’s Day

In honour of International Women’s Day we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate and profile some of the incredible talent that is helping bring the mīhī brand to life. These women are inspired, compassionate and driven team members but, most importantly, passionate about the plant that connects us all.


Jessica Kim – Controller

Please share your cannabis journey? What brought you to your role at mīhī?


I had always been a somewhat closeted but enthusiastic consumer of cannabis and even smoked my first joint well before I ever had my first drop of alcohol. So, when it became legal to consume, I was very excited and thought it would be fascinating to work in the space and see firsthand how an entire industry evolves into legalization. Everything a new Company would need – from corporate insurance, audits, tax structuring and filing, valuations and how to cover all the new companies in the market would need to be determined and serviced. I wanted a front row seat to it all so, when I felt it was the right time for a change, I actively sought out a cannabis company where I respected the people running it, the brand, and the consumer value proposition. When I found mīhī and looked into its story, I knew I had found a gem. Working for a start-up is always risky but I feel that my gamble has paid off here. Working at mīhī, I’ve never felt more at home and able to completely be myself. I utterly respect everyone on the team, feel that they push me to work and be my best, and at the end of the day I also love their company. There’s no other group of people I would rather experience all the ups and downs of this industry with.


What excites you the most about cannabis legalization?


I truly believe that cannabis will become an ongoing part of everyone’s lives. I envision cannabis being socially consumed at all types of events including dinner parties, cottage weekends, movie nights and while spectating sporting events. I can’t wait until the day comes where dropping by your local (mīhī) store to pick up cannabis supplies for the week or weekend is just a regular part of your day.


How do you live fully?


I work hard but ensure that I also play hard and partake in all the things that get my blood pumping and make me feel alive – sports, travel, and eating (definitely eating) have always been things I make time to enjoy and will continue to do so.


Krista Maitland – Product Lead

Please share your cannabis journey? What brought you to your role at mīhī?


I have watched cannabis play a role in many of my family and friends lives – from helping an aging family member enjoy a solid, full nights sleep; another consuming to assist in aches and pain, and friends who consume to help manage day-to-day stresses.  As the cannabis retail market started to emerge, I was very eager to be a part of it.  With a background in retail buying and product development, I am the product lead at mihi. I have the amazing job of choosing the strains and consumption methods that our guests are most interested in and working with local artisans to showcase their pieces in our stores.


What excites you the most about cannabis legalization?


Access and choices.   Access to product and education; choices of how and what you consume. 


How do you live fully?


By doing the things I love to do and doing them often:  hiking with the dogs, enjoying cooking classes, book
clubs, working out and travel.


Tabitha Fritz  Director of Cannabis Education

Please share your cannabis journey? What brought you to your role at mīhī?


I’ve always loved helping people be their best—from my first jobs as a lifeguard and personal trainer to my work as a middle school and grad school teacher, I really dig helping people understand themselves better, and live their own best life.  I’m also very interested in cannabis, especially in the ways that it allows people to support their own body’s ability to heal and balance itself.


I founded a few legacy market cannabis companies over the years that focused on providing health benefits and education to consumers.  During that work, I learned a LOT about cannabis and how it interacts with the human body, and I became aware that it is an incredibly powerful tool with many applications.  When I met the founders of mīhī, it was obvious to me that we were aligned in the way we thought about the plant and its consumers, and that mīhī really cared about providing cannabis education.  Knowing that, it was an easy decision to come on board, first to develop their guide (budtender) training program as a strategic advisor, and then as their Director of Cannabis Education.


What excites you the most about cannabis legalization?


The opportunity to educate new consumers who have never tried cannabis & who can use it to improve their life in a variety of ways!  I’ve connected with people who have used cannabis to improve their sex life, to ease symptoms of menopause and menstruation, to help heal their bodies and conditions, to support their mental health, and just have fun and relax.  Legalization represents a whole new segment of consumers who are just being introduced (or re-introduced) to cannabis and the benefits it can give them.  I’m so excited about the opportunity to teach new consumers about cannabis and how it works with their body!


How do you live fully?


To me, living fully is about doing new things!  I love to go first, to be out in front forging my own path through life.  I once heard someone say that if the path in front of you is clear, that’s probably because it’s someone else’s.  I love figuring things out and pioneering new ideas and new ways of being.  Whether that means bringing tarot cards to a board meeting, or building mīhī’s brand new guide training program, I love doing things that are different and that no one else is doing—yet.


Thanks for taking the time to read about a few of the powerhouses that are helping to bring the the mīhī experience to Canadians. As we begin to open our stores across Ontario we look forward to introducing you to more of the people that make mīhī unique


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