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How to use already vaped bud (AVB)

How to use already vaped bud (AVB)


In a time where we are all trying to do our best to get by and stay alive, cannabis has been highly instrumental in helping to find our inner peace, stay grounded or get uplifted. These trusty greens have been part of our overall feel-good routine when it matters most.


Over the last year, our beloved plant has gained popularity as Canadians have increased consumption significantly, and if you’ve ever wondered if there might be ways to repurpose your already vaped bud, you might be onto something. What if we told you that you could stretch your stash even further by repurposing it with methods that give the used plant material a second life?


Already vaped bud (or AVB) is ground cannabis flower that has been decarboxylated through an electronic vaporizer which heats the dried flower to the point where you can enjoy most of the cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and terpenes (the ones that matter most). So before you think about tossing that vaped bud – stop yourself before you make the biggest mistake ever (okay, we are only being mildly overdramatic). 


Typically, decarboxylating cannabis takes a minute and requires an oven and can get a bit messy. We recommend vaping your bud under 440 degrees F to keep some THC and cannabinoids intact for your recycling project and keeping a sealed AVB stash jar in your cannabis toolkit to collect the vaporized cannabis. Once you get through 4 grams or so, you can start infusing oils, butter or pack crispy weed grounds into capsules!

CBN capsules

We live in a society that seems to struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, so CBN is a hot find and in select spaces. Typically when this cannabinoid is sold in a concentrated format, you can expect to pay a premium, so why not take a more economical approach with this DIY?


CBN is the lull-you-to-sleep cannabinoid that we can all benefit from, and once the majority of THC is removed through vaping, you’re left with brown, crispy remnants that are rich in CBN. Think melatonin that actually works and will cost you very little to produce. All you need is your AVB stash jar and some gel capsules of your choosing. Open the caps and pack them with vaped flower and you’re on your way to a great night’s sleep.


This flavourless and odourless method is an easy and effective way to ingest your AVB but does require time to break down and dissolve, meaning the effects will be delayed (only downside). As for dosing, it’s best to gauge based on your flower’s potency and the average temp settings of vaporization. As always, start low and go slow!



Creams and balms have been gaining popularity as the latest wave products to enter the market. They are great but don’t come cheap, so stretching your stash here yields great financial perks – plus you get to customize the fragrance. Since a slow infusion works wonders, don’t put your slow cooker away for the season just yet. Dust it off and put that bad boy to work!


Measure out enough coconut oil that can fit into a jar of your choosing and add to the crockpot with the heat set on low. Once the oil has melted, add the AVB and let sit for a few hours. Stir occasionally to prevent burning. Allow the infused mixture to cool, then strain the oil from the plant material using a cheesecloth. Option to add essential oils or emulsify with shea butter and other balm-worthy for added moisture.


Infuse your salad dressings with infused AVB-rich olive oil, give your morning cup of java some pep with infused ghee a-la bulletproof coffee, or keep it old school by making a batch of brownies! If you really love the flavour of cannabis in food, already vaped bud makes a great topper on salads or toast with your nut butter of choice.


These are just a few ideas of ways you can give the roasted, toasted bud from your vaporizer a second life. See? Aren’t you glad you didn’t throw out your vaped weed?

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