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How to Clean your Cannabis Accessories at Home

Spring is here and while you’re tackling a deep clean of your pantry and baseboards, make sure you don’t neglect your cannabis accessories while you’re at it. Regular cleaning of your bongs, pipes, one hitters and grinders will not only decrease the number of impurities in your body, but it will also enhance your experience by providing a purer taste and aromatic profile of the terpenes in your cannabis flower.


Below we have step by step instructions on how to clean your cannabis accessories at home: 


Step #1: Create 2:1 mixture of salt (Iodine-free table salt, rock or Epsom salts) with 91% to 99% isopropyl alcohol and set aside. Salt acts as an abrasive and helps to get into all of the nooks and crannies of your cannabis accessories.


Step #2: Rinse your accessory with warm water to help rinse off any resin that may be clinging on


Step #3: Disassemble any parts that you can.


Step #4: Soak your mouthpiece, grinder parts and pipes in a Ziplock bag containing cleaning the above mixture.


Step #5: Cover the openings of your bong either by covering with your hand or by plugging the holes with a paper towel fill with the soloution and shake for 30 seconds or more to loosen any residue.


Step #6: Rinse thoroughly in hot water. If you smell alcohol, it is not safe to use yet.


If the DIY method isn’t your vibe we also sell Pipe Cleaning Bags by ResRemover, Randy’s Pipe Cleaners and Randy’s12oz Black Label Cleaner that make cleaning your cannabis accessories at home a breeze. Regardless of your approach, it’s high time you get your gear squeaky clean to help you celebrate 4:20 in style.

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