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welcome to mīhī

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our store experience and partnerships with local artisans will provide you with a cannabis experience unlike any other. scroll down to explore what sets us apart.

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no matter what journey you’re on, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for. discover your favourite products and accessories by zone.


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it’s an energy. productivity, movement, focus.


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it’s peace and relaxation. ease, mobility, comfort.


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it’s about 

expansion and creativity. elevate, celebrate, amplify.


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it’s a 

calm and tranquility. 

rest, reflect, 



a store experience built for you


open spacious design makes browsing easy.


clear and informative displays help you discover and the relaxed atmosphere creates a fun shopping experience.


the more knowledge you have, the better choice you’ll make.


that’s why our friendly guides are always happy to share their knowledge and offer guidance for your unique cannabis journey.


step in to participate in an instore workshop covering everything from rolling a joint to cooking with cannabis. 

or attend a special event featuring our cannabis educator, local artisans and craft growers.

something special for you

handmade pieces & unique featured growers


cannabis products are the heart and soul of mīhī, you’ll find a wide selection of handmade glassware, and other beautiful locally made accessories that can be personalized just for you. 


interested in exploring unique craft growers – we will feature them in our store. 


edith bourgault

paull rodrigue

stay tuned for invite only events near you.

a conversation for you

explore workshops in store

rolling tips & techniques

new to the craft or a veteran come partake in lessons and competitions. 


cannabis in the kitchen

a whole new way to consume cannabis. find out how to easily incorporate it into everyday dishes.


caring for accessories

a variety of caring techniques for a wide range of accessories like vaporizers, pipes and glass pieces.