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Essential tools every cannabis chef needs in their kitchen

Essential tools every cannabis chef needs in their kitchen

If you’re experimenting with bringing cannabis into your kitchen, you’ll need a few basic items to get you started, luckily, you can find most of these between a trip to a Kitchen supply store and visit to mihi Burlington. A minor investment into the cooking tools below will help you get more consistent results and make sure you don’t waste good flower (or flour) on baking fails.

A Digital Scale

Getting your dosage right is crucial when it comes to cannabis cuisine. The best way to find your secret spot is through carefully measured experimentation. When purchasing your scale make sure to choose one that measures to the milligram for maximum precision.

Cheese Cloth

This is an inexpensive essential when it comes to the step of straining infusions to help you enjoy your bud (without the extra bits).

Electric Coffee Grinder

This will be your best friend when grinding up large amounts of cannabis. The higher quality the grinder, the more uniform the grind, which means the more consistent the edible dosage will be. Make sure to use a dedicated one for your cannabis so you don’t get coffee residue in your flower and vice versa.

Cannabis Grinder

This is best used for smaller scale operations i.e preparing a cannabis infusion for 2. When choosing a grinder look for a 4-piece grinder that has a kief collector (the dried trichomes that hold the most THC) in the bottom. This will come in handy for the many recipes that call for kief.

Silicone Spatula: Silicone is nonstick and flexible and will help you can scrape every last drop out of mixing bowls more efficiently.  

Instant Read Thermometer: Cannabis terpenes start to degrade at 400 degrees, which means precise temperatures are essential to making don’t accidentally waste your flower.

Canning Jars with Lids: Chances are,you probably already have a couple of these at home. You will also want a couple extra lids and bands for creating infused oil.

A LEVO or Magic Butter Machine

This one is less essential and more of a luxury item but the LEVO takes the work out of cannabis infusions. An investment at $119 + HST this product eliminates all the steps (and smells) required in cannabis oil infusion. You can use the LEVO to make infused foods, spirits and even topicals.

Lockable Edible Storage

This is an essential if you share your home with children or pets. Additionally, we suggest clearly marking all of your edibles with the estimated THC content so anyone you share your home-made treats with can be aware of the dosage. It doesn’t take much to get going in the kitchen and the beauty of mastering the art of edibles is the opportunity to customize your own cannabis experience and unlock the power of the flower – without the smoke.

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