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Easy Cannabis Massage Oil DIY

Infused Cannabis massage oil and personal lubricant are some of the most buzzed about personal care products these days. Applying cannabis oil topically works to create localized blood flow, which can help reduce muscle soreness and or create increased sensitivity depending on the area it’s applied to. Is also one of the easiest topicals to make at home. Creating your own cannabis massage oil is cost efficient and fun, plus you’ll be able to create something completely customized to suit your senses. It is important to note that any oil-based lubricants are not compatible with condoms as they can degrade latex.


Step 1: Choose your cannabis distillate of choice. We love Redecan 1:1 Reign drops for this project.


Step 2: Pick a couple essential oils to build the aromatic profile of your choice. Bergamot, Cleary Sage, Lavender and Ylang Ylang are known for their aphrodisiac inducing properties. We recommend using the highest quality essential oils you can find and ensure that they are intended for internal use.


Step 3) Add either Peppermint or Black Pepper essential oil to increase circulation a.ka feel good tingles. Peppermint oil cools things down, whereas Black pepper brings the heat. Not necessary but certainly adds another dimension to the experience. We do recommend adding these in small amounts because the quantity can be tiny but the impact is mighty. The power of pepper-anything is powerful in and around your erogenous zones.


Step 4) Add essential oils to distillate container using a ratio of 30 ml of cannabis oil for every 12 drops of essential oils.


Step 5) Shake.


Step 6) Apply to desired areas of skin and wait 20-30 mins to take full effects.


Step 7) Enjoy!

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