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6 ways to green your cannabis routine

6 ways to green your cannabis routine

Cannabis appreciation should be sustainable in nature; it’s a celebration of a plant after all! Sadly, the required plastic child-proof packaging that comes hand in hand with legalization leaves a lot to be desired in terms of environmental impact. However, here are a few minor tweaks you can make to your habits to green your cannabis routine.

  1. Save or Upcycle your containers: We love using pre roll tubes are a convenient reusable item to transport your joints without getting damaged. We also like using smaler containers for convenient hassle-free domestic travel.

  2. Buy in Bulk Did you know that properly stored cannabis can last for for six months to a year? By buying in higher quantities less often you are reducing your impact on packaging waste. Rather than purchasing 7 x 1g containers of dried flower considering purchasing 7, 14 or 28g of a flower you know you love. We recommend tossing 1-2 humidity packs to help preserve the flavour and aromatic profile.   

  3. Pick up in store: Skip ordering online to save on shipping packaging and delivery emissions. As a bonus you’ll be able to see and smell the cannabis in most stores and chat with a representative about any questions you might have. We also offer Click and Collect for anyone who wants to minimize their time in store.

  4. Vote with your dollar: Support companies that have sustainability baked into their DNA like Tantalus Labs, whose sun grown cultivation methods uses 90% less energy than a traditional facility, or 48 North, an organic outdoor licensed producer that packages their pre-rolls with 100% biodegradable packaging and soy-based ink

  5. Invest in Quality Accessories: Metal, ceramic and wood accessories are better options for the environment than plastic, as they have a longer lifespan.  They also  deliver a higher quality experience than plastic because plastic has a static charge that trichomes cling to (the frosting that covers the cannabis buds – containing the highest concentration of THC, CBD  and terpenes).  When you lose the trichomes, you also loose a significant amount of THC, CBD and terpenes, rendering your cannabis less effective.

  6.  Don’t flick your roach: If you’re enjoying a joint in a public designated smoking area, make sure to dispose of any remnants in a public ashtray. Roaches can be ingested by pets and small children and we always advocate for respectful cannabis use (that doesn’t come at the expense of any non-consumers).

  7. Use your Voice: We are proud to be involved with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Cannabis Policy Council, pushing the issues that matter to consumers most. Don’t forget – your voice counts too! If you’d like to see more sustainable options on store shelves you can share your concerns with Health Canada.

As legalization matures in Canada, we’re hopeful to see more sustainable options led by consumer demand. Until then, let us know if you have any additional tips on keeping your cannabis routine green!   

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