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5 Ways to Celebrate a Physically Distant 4/20


Ah, 4/20. A beloved counter culture holiday where people gather to consume and celebrate the love for cannabis. In fact, this year marks 50 years since 4/20 and cannabis became a thing. So, it’s a demi-centennial too! To many, this day represents socializing while sharing a joint with friends, ideally under the sun while working on your tan post winter hibernation. It’s also a day of activism for freedom and liberation of hiding in the shadows while fighting the stigma with acts of civil disobedience, taking action to publicly smoke at 4:20 PM.


While historically, 4/20 signifies a sense of community and togetherness, this year, things are significantly different during the COVID pandemic. Rolling into a second year of an imperfectly timmed 4/20 during lockdown is definitely a buzz kill, but the fun doesn’t need to stop there. We’ve adapted well enough over the last year to get creative with virtual events and have developed a solid appreciation for nature along the way. Hopefully you’ll find a few takeaways that inspire adventure and togetherness at a distance.


At the end of the day, we can’t let the ‘vid get us down. We must follow the advice of the great Mcconaughey: “you just need to keep on living, man. L-I-V-I-N.”


Virtual party with your fave buds

Restrictions don’t stand between you and your happiness when tech is on your side. Taking things online isn’t so bad when you look at the bigger picture. This is an opportunity to catch up with your long distance pals who you otherwise might not have seen during normal times. International borders? Don’t know her! Interprovincial travel restrictions? Never heard of them.

This could also be a great time to review some of your favourite products at your local retailer via your old pal Dutchie. Bonus: if your group is also big on reading, why not share some of your favourite pandemic reads and make the event Bongs and Books themed? See all of these great ideas? Believe us when we say sky’s the limit!


Physically distant or independent nature stroll

It’s time to reconnect with yourself. Leave the phone at home or put that baby on airplane mode and tune into the great outdoors. Pack some Kin slips or Redecan redees to pump up the volume on your adventure.



Organize a Movie Party

Gather with your closest buds online or IRL (if you have the outdoor space to accommodate within lockdown guidelines) to set a group movie party and re-watch some of the best stoner classics. Take it up a notch by prepping DIY edibles or  drinkables to enjoy yourself as a boost of self-care and kindness that we all deserve right now. Bake cookies, infuse your popcorn and get cozy!



Sprout some seeds

Celebrate earth month by getting a head start on this year’s harvest and sprout some seeds! Whether you’re cultivating cannabis, flowers, fruits, veggies or all of the above, the end of April is the ideal time to get sprouting in time for the upcoming grow season. If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard you’ll likely have your hands full so before to carve out some time at the end of day to reward yourself with a pre-roll or crack open a refreshing infused beverage for a job well done.



Level up your accessories game

Spring clean your glass bongs and pipes OR level up to treat yourself to something new this 4/20. We sell Gemma found vintage accessories exclusively at mihi, these pieces add a certain je ne sais quoi to your décor with some of the pieces dating back to the 1940’s!

Whatever adventure you choose this 4/20 we hope you take the time to appreciate the humble plant that brings us all together in your own way and we look forward to passing to the left hand side again sometime in the not so distant future. 

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