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5 reasons you should start a cannabis journal

5 reasons you should start a cannabis journal

Keeping a personalized record of what works (and more importantly what doesn’t work) is the best way to start achieving your desired outcomes when it comes to cannabis. By noting your sensory experiences as they happen, you will start to build a collection of anecdotal knowledge that will help guide you down a more intentional path when it comes to your cannabis journey. Below we’ve compiled 5 reasons you should start keeping a cannabis journal today.


  • To repeat your best experiences

What was that strain that had you and your friends laughing so hard you cried? Or the strain that gave you your best sleep in years?  Careful note taking can help you remember the strains that worked the best for you and help discover strains with similar profiles to help you recreate these experiences.


  • To minimize your bad ones

Even cannabis aficionados have had less than stellar experiences with strains that don’t work well with their personal endocannabinoid system. By taking detailed notes that also include details on where you consumed and how you were feeling that day can help you unpack why these negative experiences are occurring. For instance, if you noticed high levels of anxiousness after consuming a high THC low CBD sativa strain in a busy public space, this analysis may help you discover that a low THC high CBD hybrid consumed at home might be a better choice.


  • To record thoughts and observations while fresh in your mind

The best time to record your perceptions of smell, appearance and taste is as you are experiencing them. By recording your observations as they happen you can note any potential transformations. I.e “The Sour Diesel started with flavours of citrus rind which evolved into gasoline”. Keeping your journal and pen near your cannabis will remind you to jot down your impressions as they happen.  


  • To observe patterns in consumption

Do you notice that you gravitate towards strains featuring certain terpenes over others? Do you prefer to consume at certain times of the day? By taking detailed notes you can observe any correlations between the good and the bad and start to understand why and when you reach for certain products over others.


  • To start thinking like an expert

Every expert had to start somewhere. Your observations don’t have to be astute or perfect they can be as unique as your experience. Some of the most popular beer and wine writers are revered for their distinctive and relatable review styles. If you think that a strain smells like a hockey bag – write that down, there is truly no wrong answer when it comes to sensory observations.

Once you start recording your experiences as a part of your cannabis ritual, you may find that you note the senses you would have written down even when you consume away from your journal or with friends. Getting to this stage of observation is the first step to understanding and personalizing your cannabis experience and optimizing your journey.

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