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3 ways to incorporate cannabis into your date night

1.      Connect more deeply, in a new way.  Cannabis allows us to deeply connect with
others by helping us see things in a new way and with a fresh perspective, and
it’s a very useful tool for calming the chatter in your mind and helping you
focus on your partner.  Try eating an infused chocolate together and allowing your conversation to take on a life of its own. See where your communication takes you and be open to learning new
things about your partner, and to sharing your thoughts and ideas.   

2.    Spice up your sex life.  There are lots of ways to incorporate cannabis into your sexual escapades!  You can smoke a joint together first to get into a new and different headspace, or try an infused lube to relax your body and enhance your sensations.  Using cannabis before sex can lead to stronger and more intense orgasms, and a more sensual experience overall.  Cannabis also changes your perception of time, so go slow and take your time.  Keep in mind that cannabis dries out your mucus membranes, so it’s important to have some water to drink and extra lubrication handy!  



3.     Be more intentional.  Cannabis responds well to intention and consuming it can be an opportunity   to try new things together.   Maybe your intention is to relax, be open to new experiences, or to   communicate more easily.  No matter what intention you set, cannabis allows you to live more   consciously, and to really be here now.  Consuming cannabis together allows to you to set new   intentions individually and as a couple, and to find new ways of looking at and achieving those   intentions. 

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