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welcome to mīhī

a cannabis retail experience created for you

we believe that everyone deserves to be their true selves.

to live their life fully, with rich and meaningful experiences that make them happy

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why do you consume cannabis?

maybe it is to have fun, relax more deeply, tap into energy or for relief. whatever the reason you are here, we make it easy to find what you are looking for.

our stores are organized into four unique zones.


a store experience built for you


discover the role that cannabis can play for you in a warm and welcoming environment. 

clear and informative displays, thoughtful guides and a carefully curated selection of strains and accessories ready for you to explore. 



interested in growing your knowledge of cannabis and its uses? 

our friendly guides are always happy to share their knowledge and offer guidance on your unique cannabis journey.


you may want to step into one of our instore workshops covering everything from rolling a joint to preparing the perfect butter for cooking. 

bring a friend to attend a special event featuring our cannabis educator, a local artisan or craft grower.


something special for you

handmade pieces & unique craft growers

cannabis products are the heart and soul of mīhī, you’ll find a wide selection of handmade glassware, and other custom-made accessories that are only available at mīhī.


if you are interested in exploring unique craft growers you will find them featured in our store.


chillum ceramic pipe

Edith Bourgault

ceramic maker


Edith gives ordinary objects a decorative edge without ever losing sight of their utilitarian simplicity and elegance. each piece is unique and handmade from clay in her Quebec studio. she started making accessories when she saw an opportunity to create something beautiful for the cannabis space.


glass piece

Paull Rodrigue

glass blower


Paull has been creating custom pieces since 1996 and his work was selected as a gift to Queen Elizabeth in 2015. his glassware is both functional for cannabis consumption and beautiful to decorate the home, it’s no surprise that Paull’s work is sought after by collectors.

exclusive collections and products unique to you – be the first to know. stay in touch.

a conversation for you

explore workshops in store

rolling tips & techniques

new to the craft or a veteran come partake in lessons and competitions. 


cannabis in the kitchen

a whole new way to consume cannabis. find out how to easily incorporate it into everyday dishes.


caring for accessories

a variety of caring techniques for a wide range of accessories like vaporizers, pipes and glass pieces.